Medway Armed Forces Day Gillingham 25th June 2016

Military vehicle Display

Medway Armed Forces Day was held on the Great Lines Heritage Park in Gillingham on Saturday 25th June. The event was supported by the Royal School of Military Engineering and other armed forces from around Kent.


Serving soldiers, veterans & cadets paraded for a drumhead service and the Band and Corps of Drums of the Royal Logistic Corps led the parade.

Serving soldiers & veterans parade together
old war stories being swapped , in the hospitality area

After the parade serving soldiers and veterans mingled in the veterans hospitality area, then the arena events started from bridge building to band displays.

Sapper Balloon

As you can see from the colour of the sky in the photograph above, Bad weather forced an early closure but was still a very enjoyable day.



1 thought on “Medway Armed Forces Day Gillingham 25th June 2016”

  1. Thanks Ray, for this lovely reminder of a brilliant day. I went in by Bus from Gravesend and took a walk up the back hill, past the war memorial from the bus station. I haven’t done that since morning PT (physical Torture) while stationed at RSME when we used to run up and down it. I was proud to say at 63 I was able to keep up with the young family I was walking by – there’s a lot to be said for keeping fit in your old age.

    That made me thirsty and, as I was now late, I enjoyed the parade from a slightly irreverent point of view – in the crowd with a beer in my hand. You guys looked good on parade and as you marched off I was grateful for a lovely chat with a like minded couple who’s son was a serving sapper SNCO. She told me about his service and how he was getting on with regimental life and his aspirations for the future. It was an emotional conversation for me, as it brought back many memories and she was glad of it because she often found people just didn’t understand the military mindset. The one things she was sure of was her pride for the corps and her son. Once a sapper, always a sapper.

    I took a short tour of the excellent static displays and with the weather changing I took myself home via the same route, before the rain set in. Looking forward to next year…

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